I’m Sandra McGonagle. I have been teaching in the Cupertino Union School District since 1997, and LOVE what I do. I am currently the Assistant Principal of Stocklmeir Elementary School. I do not speak for the Cupertino Union School District in any way. The thoughts and beliefs written here are my own.


5 responses to “About

  1. Hello,

    I am not sure if I found the right Mrs. McG but did you first start teaching at Miller Middle School 6th grade? If I remember correctly you taught core and Science..

  2. Yes, I was one of your students! I was in your Core class! Do you mind sharing your email address so I can contact you via email?

    This is SO exciting!

  3. Feel free to email me at mrsmcg@me.com – looking forward to finding out who you are!

  4. Hi Sandra

    Fantastic blog – a great read!

    I wanted to get in touch and let you know about a really exciting, free-to-school literacy website called Wordia (www.wordia.com).

    I imagine you are really busy, but it’s a really innovative new resource (using video & games-based learning) to support educators teaching subject vocabulary / literacy.

    I’d like to send you some information about our Literacy Ambassador Programme. (It’s totally free – and I’m contacting you, as we wish to ensure that it’s educator-led!).

    I hope that’s of interest.


    Community Manager

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