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Google – I’m Feeling Lucky!

Just found out this week that I was accepted to the first ever Google Teacher Academy for Administrators. Yay for me! I have several friends and colleagues that have been through the program, so I think I have some idea about what an exhausting, inspiring, and amazing day it will be in San Antonio, and I can’t wait. I met Brian Van Dyck (aka @PodPirate) at the Krause Center for Innovation yesterday while scoring MERIT applications, and I really appreciated what he told me.

He said (my paraphrased interpretation) that when I get there, I should just zip open my brain in the morning, let all of the goodness fall in, zip it up that night, and let it consume me. He went on, it’s not about the day, it’s about the network (I KNOW!!). I will become a part of an amazing community of educators with a common vision and drive and the opportunities are limitless. I may never be the same again.

I wish I could leave tomorrow, but I will wait (somewhat patiently) until March 5th and prepare my brain to be permanently altered. In the mean time, we are trying our best to connect virtually.

Here’s my video submission-

See you in San Antonio!